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Welcome to Crafty Longbird!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

After several years of procrastinating (ooooh, that's a big word for me!), I have finally taken the steps to making Crafty Longbird become a thing, like a real business thing. Oo-er I need my big girl pants on for this.

After growing out of the craft room (aka spare room), and starting to spread throughout the house, which is how all good crafters live. It became apparent I needed a better organised space, which is where the steps to move forward with Crafty Longbird has come from.

Next week, the shed of dreams is due to arrive, not just any shed, once installed, it will then be insulated, wallpapered, carpeted, and decked out with all my crafting delights. Being able to have a designated space with adequate room will allow me to get on with what I love, but also start to make items available to purchase.

The first step was me eyeing up a space in the garden, which involved the removal of a junk filled shed at the bottom of the garden.

To our great surprise, when the base of the shed was lifted, what did we find...... This gorgeous hedgehog mum and two little ones! After moments of panic, delight, joy, we then wondered what we were to do next as they are heading towards hibernation. We gave them a lunch of hedgehog food and put a shelter over them, leaving them to decide for us what was to happen next.

The next morning, on checking the area, we found that they had moved on, looking at our wildlife camera (I know - how tech savvy are we!), it appears that they have moved under another shed, that is not destined to be moved, so they have found their forever home.

We have now been left with a space which is ready, willing and able to take a shed.

The next steps for me are kitting out the shed of dreams, cracking on with some crafting, and stocking up my Etsy Shop!

Come back soon for the next installment! Whilst I go and have a cuppa in my new mug! (Created by moi!)

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